Center Of Advisory Services For Islamic Banking And Finance
1- Assesment of Islamic Finance 2015-16                                                      Download Now
2-Assesment of Islamic Finance 2014-15                                                       Download Now
3-Book Investments and Portfolio Managment                                              Download Now
4-Business cycles and Pakistans economy                                                     Download Now
5-Draft of new Government Securities Act                                                     Download Now
6-Economic Scenarios under Martial Law and Non Martial Law Regimes in Pakistan-                 Download Now
7-Financial Managment by M. Arif                                                               Download Now
 8-Introduction to Financial Derivatives                                                          Download Now 
9-Investment Banking Book                                                                         Download Now
10-Islamic Economics By Muhammad Arif                                                     Download Now
11-Pakistan Economy in the light of Business Cycles                                      Download Now
12-Review and outlook of Markets in Pakistan                                               Download Now
13-Riba and Islamic Banking Put on Retrail.pdf                                              Download Now
14-The Islamic money market is integral to the functioning of the Islamic banking system       Download Now
15-World Islamic Banking Competitiveness Report 2013-14                           Download Now