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Muhammad Arif

How to end politics of compromises in Pakistan

 As always happened in Pakistan the politics of clash and compromise is still on creating chaos. It has tarnished the perception about democracy and...
Economic & Political Weekly

Economic & Political Weekly 13th January 2019

World Politics- • Violence erupts in France as yellow vests take to the streets. Police in Paris fired water cannon and tear gas to repel gilets jaunes...
Challenges to Islamic Banking Business

Islamic Banking & Finance Page 11-01-2019

Liquidity Issues of Islamic Banks in Pakistan Muhammad Arif Shariah-compliant banks in Pakistan, the world’s second most populous Muslim nation, hold only 13.6 % of total...
Muhammad Arif

Corruption as Main issue of Pakistan in 2019

Campaign against corruption is looking like the main issue in 2019 like 2nd half of 2018. But still this campaign has not given any...
Economic & Political Weekly

Publications Economic & Political Weekly 06th January 2019

World Politics- What will the Middle East look like in 2019? As we start the tenth year after the onset of the Arab uprisings, there is, sadly,...

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