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Economic & Political Weekly

Economic and Political Weekly 21-07-2019

World Politics · Iran seizes UK oil tanker in escalation of ongoing crisis. Iran has seized a UK flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz in a...

Islamic Banking & Finance Page 19-07-2019

 Muhammad Arif Growth of a Country and Islamic Banking   Since the modern birth of Islamic banking in the 1970s in Egypt, it has expanded rapidly across...
Muhammad Arif

Monetary Policy July 2019

As anticipated by rating agencies like Bloom Berg, Governor State Bank, Dr. Reza Baqir has announced 100 bp i.e. 1% increase in the SBP...
Economic & Political Weekly

Economic and Political Weekly 14-07-2019

World Politics More than 20 reportedly killed in Papua New Guinea violence More than 20 people including pregnant women and children have been killed in recent...

Islamic Banking & Finance Page 12-07-2019

  Muhammad Arif Islamic Banking in Various jurisdictions The rapid pace of growth of Muslim population worldwide presents a lucrative window of opportunity for Islamic Banking. However,...

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