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Muhammad Arif

Real Facts about Government Debt of Pakistan

Pakistan is in a confusing world now a days. Intelligentsia and anchors are writing and saying as far as their knowledge in concerned and...
Economic & Political Weekly

Economic & Political Weekly 18th Nov, 2018

World Politics- ·German chancellor Merkel backs French President Macron’s call for creation of European army. ‘We must take our fate more decisively into our own hands,’...
islamic finance

Publications Islamic Banking & Finance Page 16th November 2018

Challenges to Islamic Banking Business-The Islamic financial law has long history but Islamic banking and finance industry came into existence with profit and loss...
Muhammad Arif

Pakistan needs to get out of all kinds of violence

Time and again in the history of Pakistan violence has erupted by using the name of Islam. Recent instance is of Khadim Husain Rizvi who...
Economic & Political Weekly

Economic & Political Weekly 11-11-2018

Politics- In the US Midterm election Democrats have takes control of the House of Representatives with 225 seats with Republicans having 197 seats; however...

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