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Islamic Financial Growth in Pakistan by 2023 for its development

Muhammad Arif : Chairman Centre of Advisory Services for Islamic Banking and Finance (CAIF), Former Head of FSCD SBP, Former Head of Research ArifHabib Investments and Member IFSB Task Force for development of Islamic Money Market, Former Member of Access to Justice Fund Supreme Court of Pakistan

Islamic banking industry in the country has shown significant growth in Pakistan since its re-launch in 2002; Islamic banking industry constitutes 17percent share in assets and 18.7 percent share in deposits of overall banking industry with a network of 3583branches spread across the country.

Since a large segment of population of Pakistan being faith sensitive may be voluntarily financially excluded, the following recommendations /actions are proposed to enhance access to Sharia compliant banking services:

  1. Enhancing Depth & Breadth of Islamic Finance Develop roadmap for promotion of Islamic banking industry. To Increase share of assets to 25 %. Increase share of deposits by to 25 %. Increasebranch network to 30 percent of overall banking industry with enhanced focus on underserved areas.

  1. Providing Enabling Legal & Regulatory Environment. Develop proposals for legal amendments in BCO 1962, SBP Act 1956 and Microfinance Institutions Ordinance 2001.SBP, Ministry of Finance & Ministry of Law to make Legal amendments related to Islamic banking approved by the Parliament Review and propose amendments in other related laws for smooth
    Islamic banking operations.
  2. Efficiency in Liquidity Management Regular issuance of domestic sovereign Sukuk of varying size and tenor. Provide SLR eligibility to SBP Bai-Muajjal transactions. SLR eligible SBP Bai-Muajjal transaction

  1. Awareness Raising & Capacity Building Introduce Islamic finance in curriculum of schools, colleges and universities, Provincial Education Ministries & HEC, SBP, IBI .Inclusion of Islamic finance in curriculum of schools, colleges and universities Social Media Platforms, Print and Electronic Media to be used to create awareness of Islamic Finance in local and regional languages. IBIs, SBP, SECP, Ministry of Information and other related Ministries to Improve perception about Islamic banking and enhance awareness among masses


Since large number of stakeholders will be involved to implement action plan, therefore, a central monitoring and coordination mechanism is suggested to oversee and report progress of the recommended actions.

The salient features of implementation framework are:

  • Creation of Transformation Office at PM Office to coordinatesupervises, monitor and report progress on implementation plan.
  • Assigning the task lead agency for the implementation of each action item and empowering them to implement the requisite action items in coordination with concerned stakeholders.
  • The ultimate responsibility for the implementation of the assigned action items within timelines and as per stipulated KPIs (key performance indicator, will vest with the lead implementation agency/office they are. 1. Revenue per client/member (RPC) 2 – Average Class Attendance (ACA) 3 – Client Retention Rate (CRR) 4 – Profit Margin (PM) 5 – Average Daily Attendance (ADA). Individual employee Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics that can assist in tracking the ability of your employees to meet your expectations as well as their impact on the business objectives.A good KPI has the following attributes: Provides objective and clear information of progress towards an end-goal. Tracks and measures factors such as efficiency, quality, timeliness, and performance. Provides a way to measure performance over time.Try not to have too many KPIs: the optimum number for most areas of a business is between four and 10. Just make sure that you have enough to measure how your team or organization is performing against your key objectives.)
  • The federal & provincial governments will be prioritizing the requisite legislation/ legal

Amendments required for the implementation.

  • The federal & provincial governments will allocate necessary resources (financial, human etc.) to implement the requisite actions.A high level focal point at Prime Minister’s Office will be critical not only to ensure effective coordination among various stakeholders, but also for the successful implementation proposed actions


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