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Media Acting Like Mafia


Amazingly we heal in our country very quickly — especially when wounded by someone stronger and from those from whom we have to get something.

In this respect like other institutions, Media has also become a mafia in this country with their rotten ideas and with an approach that they know everything in this world.

In fact the people like Minhaj Burna and Usmani have gone and different organizations have emerged not to lead the journalists but to earn money in the name of Journalism. They all are still living in the Stone Age without accepting the fact that we are now living in the digital world with new requirements and new approaches. The leaders of these media organizations when goes on some stage, they do not leave the stage till the attendees go on sleep.

We talk of a country with everything on right track but for ourselves not for others. Daily we see TV anchors bringing rival groups to show war of words for their ratings. They mostly avoid holding programs on public issues like education, Health, Poverty, because in those programs they cannot enter Sultan Rahi like characters.

Some journalists claiming to be book writers try to bring books on Afghanistan, Africa or other countries by copying efforts of others without making their references.

Mostly these organizations try to side with the running governments to get envelops in some form or another.

To make them prominent in some sittings they sometime raise such issues in which their knowledge stands zero.

Like sometime some journalists raise the point that government has pledged (Girvi) most of its properties for getting money. This stance is absolutely wrong as in 21st century almost all governments borrow money against their sovereign guarantees. But in case of Islamic transactions they do it by pledging some property as well with an agreement that on maturity they would get back the property on payment of money. In between, the agreement also stipulate that immediately the buyer would rent out the property to the government. So this rent becomes the profit of buyer that is reviewed after 6 month using some benchmark like KIBOR or LIBOR. Regarding question of government default the transaction carries government guarantees like in other conventional loans along with pledging of the property, so question of default or its valuation does not arise in any case.

However in 21st Century out of 250 countries very few examples have been seen where government has defaulted like in case of Greece, Italy or some Latin American Countries but they were simple bonds and not Islamic bonds where property is also pledged. In those cases even EU particularly France and Germany with USA, World Bank, IMF play their role as in global world ailment of even a single country cannot be tolerated as it can spread like an epidemic affecting other countries.

So to build up of idea of making (Girvi) of property in Pakistan by treating it hollowness of the government is nothing but a funny approach as government is bound to do it for borrowing under Islamic mode of Financing. However if some corporate issues any bond or Islamic bond than the question of default becomes relevant as in this case government guarantee is missing. In these cases different modalities and measures come in place to safeguard the investor.

Now making media as a mafia and to indulge it in useless discussions are not the fault of working journalists but this is being done by the owners, Editors and in charges of different organizations.

No one among these guys is interested to go with journalists issues like losing their jobs and if working than with cuts in their salaries.

If these journalists and organizations want to do something than they should use their organizations or bodies as NGOs and raise money from within and outside the country, Create endowment funds and help out needy journalists. If done than this would create free media in the country and strengthen role of media as a pillar of State. This is bit difficult to do but I request all those who are just doing words mongering right now for their own interest, to come forward for the rights and welfare of their brothers and sisters working as journalists.


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