Muhammad Arif has served SBP for more than 30 years. Basically he remained involved in catering money market activities, interest rate management and market products development. After leaving SBP in 2007 as Head of Financial markets and Strategy Department, he served as Head of Research at Arif Habib Investments. Now he is Editor at Large to ‘The Financial Daily’ a notable English newspaper. Before that he was Research Consultant of the paper. He also remained member of the visiting faculty on the subjects of Financial Management/InvestmentBanking/IslamicEconomics/Derivatives/International-Finance/Treasury and Funds Management/Anti Money Laundering/Risk Management/Investments and Portfolio Management at Sheikh Zayed Sultan Institute University of Karachi/KASBIT/Muhammad Ali Jinnah University and BIZTEK. He also read many Research Papers at various Universities. During his tenure of service he also served on deputation to the UN Poverty alleviation group in Bangkok on development of Fixed Income Market in Pakistan. He also remained member of Task Force of IFSB, a Malaysian based group of Islamic countries (authorized by IOC) on development of Islamic Finance. He also remained member of Investment Committee on Access to Justice Fund of Supreme Court of Pakistan. He also represented Pakistan in 28 member group formed in Bangkok under Chiang Mai declaration on development of fixed income Market in these countries. Further to these he has also represented Pakistan in different forums in other countries on issues pertaining to development of financial markets in various jurisdictions particularly on Fixed Income side and Islamic Finance.