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Pakistan against Corona virus Waves


At this critical time everyone wants to know when corona virus epidemic is going to end but there is no answer

However with the increase in cases of Corona virus epidemic, comments are coming from the government that a comprehensive vision for short and long-term planning has been chalked out to steer the country out of corona virus crisis and improve the living standard of the common man besides lifting people out of poverty. But unfortunately Pakistani people are hearing such statements since last 70 years. In this we lost one part of our country in 1971 and now we are losing peoples in 2020 with no medical support.

Pakistan stands 25 in group of more than 200 countries on corona virus cases and deaths. Government says that comparatively this position is far better but whether Government wants to bring Pakistan among top 10 countries. With the start of May the number of cases have immensely increased. On 5th May increase in cases on one day in USA was 175 with 4 deaths whereas in Pakistan on the same date the cases were 560 with 10 deaths.

We pray to God that this may not happen and give some insight to the government to work on the right direction to combat corona virus epidemic

Government holds view that Pakistan was progressing at a fast speed in the 1960s but unfortunately that pace of development was not maintained and the country lost its destination. However historical facts are different. In 60’s we made state structure dysfunctional, gave 3 rivers to India and even Fatima Jinnah who raised her voice against such steps was pushed back by these forces and finally family of the president emerged as part of 22 big families of Pakistan.

So their analysis on every side whether on history stands non factual.

However it is right to say that COVID-19 crisis has provided an opportunity to produce locally manufactured ventilators and other protective equipment as everything could not be imported. ‘’ If we can develop the atomic bomb, then why not ventilators,’’ Government says. But unfortunately the person who brought atom bomb was hanged and its main scientist is still under government detention.

Instead of giving its full attention to the virus the prime minister says the government did not opt for a complete lockdown as it would badly hit the poor and down-trodden segments of the society, adding that a country where there was an ocean of poor people and few rich could not make progress.

But on this tug of war going between Federal Government and Sind Government on lock down issue, on 18th amendment issue, on NAB ordinance issue is not appropriate to bring these issues on the forefront at this point of time. Only, how to come out of Corona Virus epidemic should be the main issue at this point of time. People are so afraid that whether you do complete lock down or not, mostly prefer to remain at home.

Imran Khan says, unlike the developed countries where 100 percent people are registered and could be easily accessed by the government in case of emergency, around 80 to 85 percent laborers, daily wager; vendors etc. were not registered in Pakistan. But what government did on this in the last one and a half year is the question for all. It is right to say that the development and creation of workers and labor data would help the government and people alike in any such situation like corona virus epidemic.

In spite of no reliable data Special Assistant to the PM on Social Safety and Poverty Alleviation Dr Sania Nishtar says that Rs 81 million had so far been distributed among the deserving 6.6 million families and those who had not received the financial assistance of Rs 12000 would get the same within the next ten days. Dr. Faisal Sultan says Pakistan has now enough COVID-19 data for regular analysation of the disease and its trend. He said all the government decisions regarding COVID-19 were taken on the basis of regular data analysation and ground realities by health experts and other stakeholders.

Special Assistant to PM on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza  since 80 to 85 percent people were recovering after getting ill due to COVID-19 in the world over, the situation in Pakistan was better.

These claims may be right or wrong but people of Pakistan like to see government of Pakistan to make practical steps to recover its people from the mess of Corona virus epidemic.

On the side of medication still no vaccine is available though 100 companies are working on it. A drug “Remdesivir” has shown some promise — but there’s a whole lot more science to be done. Influenza drug favipiravir was found useful. An HIV medicine, Kaletra/Aluvia, has been used in China to treat COVID-19. A drug that has been used to treat malaria for about 70 years, chloroquine has been floated as a potential treatment, however in some cases it has been found injurious. A recent correspondence in the journal Nature, on March 18, suggests “hydroxychloroquine” — a less toxic derivative of the drug — may be effective at inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 infection. Combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin may also be effective. Hydroxychloroquine has also received an emergency use with better results.

 “Convalescent plasma” for patients with serious or immediately life-threatening COVID-19 infections has also been used. This form of therapy sees a fraction of the blood from recovered COVID-19 patients infused into sick patients’ bodies.

People are very much interested on these developments. So it is highly required that health Ministry may intimate people with these developments and name of hospitals where treatment with such drugs are available.

Further Government should also arrange that medication through herbal medicines may also be employed along with allopathic treatment. China has done so very successfully against corona virus epidemic

So like world it is high time for the people of Pakistan but inshallah we would get out of this crisis soon.



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