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Economic & Political Weekly

Economic and Political Weekly 19-01-2020

World Politics ⦁ Impeachment managers appointed amid turns for worse for Trump It was a historic day in Washington on 16th Jan as the 100 members of...

What State Bank is required to do for the recovery of Economy

Like other central Banks State Bank is required to bring down inflation and to accelerate country’s growth through its monetary policy decisions. Currently SBP is...

Islamic Banking & Finance Page 17-01-2020

Developing Islamic Money Market in Pakistan   Members of International Task Force wherein Muhammad Arif Chairman CAIF was its member The Islamic money market is integral to...
Muhammad Arif

Iran and US-No-Win Game

Whole world has now engulfed in to regional conflicts just to save the skin of their leaderships. Whether it is America, Europe, Asia, Africa...
Economic & Political Weekly

Economic and Political Weekly 12-01-2020

World Politics ·India’s Supreme Court condemns Kashmir internet ban as unlawful India’s Supreme Court ruled that the five-month digital lockdown imposed on the Kashmir region by Narendra Modi’s government...

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